11 Brutally Honest Reactions to Tasting Starbucks’s Unicorn Frappuccino

By now, you’ve seen a new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino all over a internet, unless you’ve somehow managed to equivocate a bomb opening into a world. It’s like we’ve watched a birth of a new child as we followed a initial conjecture on Reddit and afterwards stalked sneak-peek photos on Instagram until we finally got a official print from Starbucks and, during last, tried a Unicorn Frappuccino firsthand. Now that it’s finally available, it’s time to widespread a adore and share a libation with unicorn-lovers everywhere, so we started right here in a POPSUGAR office.

We astounded 11 editors with a pink-purple-blue libation (kind of millennial pink, as one forked out) to see how they felt about it. A Frappuccino done with mango syrup, green blue drizzle, and unicorn “dust” is guaranteed to get a accumulation of honest reactions out of people, right? Here’s what everybody thought.

  1. “No.”
  2. “Whoa.”
  3. “It tastes like Sour Patch Kids yogurt.”
  4. “Oh my god, we don’t know . . . we need a second. This is unequivocally for kids.”
  5. “It’s good! It’s tangy. It reminds me of watered-down lemonade.”
  6. “It tastes like Purple Clouds. You know, a splash my mom used to make for me in kindergarten. Something with grape extract and milk. Anyone?”
  7. [jumps] “It’s like a punch of season right in a mouth!!”
  8. “This tastes like a chalky Starburst.”
  9. “I don’t wish green churned with my churned cream.”
  10. “It tastes like spicy solidified yogurt. Like froyo with green candy.”
  11. “I adore it! This exceeded my expectations. I’m tender that Starbucks unequivocally prisoner a suggestion of a unicorn.”

So there we have it — you’ve listened roughly each greeting one could have to good Unicorn Frappuccino. If you’re prickly to see if it lives adult to your expectations and find out your possess reaction, we have until Apr 23 to try it.