100 Women: Five things we schooled as a lady in Silicon Valley

Media captionLea and Sasha are starting on their veteran tour and are already battle-scarred

The BBC’s 100 Women 2017 deteriorate is rebellious some of a biggest issues confronting women around a universe and has given teams of experts a week to change a world. It kicked off by severe women operative during a home of hi-tech industries in California’s Silicon Valley to pound a potion ceiling, as a BBC’s Nuala McGovern reports. Here are her 5 findings:

1) They will uncover up

We gave a group of 4 women only 5 days to make a product that would change women’s lives in a workplace. A outrageous charge in a minimal volume of time.

But from day one, they started creation connectors to make it happen. They reached out to networks of strangers and a outrageous accumulation of women were peaceful to representation in.

We had a Spanish farrago consultant Skypeing in from Copenhagen, a wearable tech consultant hopped on a craft from New York and even a integrate of group showed up.

Dwight had “introvert” hammered on his ball top and didn’t contend much, though worked by a night with a women to invent something to impulse that potion ceiling.

2) Women have been invited to a party, though they haven’t been asked to dance

So what was a matter for their inventions? Enter a box studies: Erin who had difficulty vocalization adult in meetings (more on Erin later), and Lea who described operative in a “bro-culture” of Silicon Valley.

Media captionHere is a impulse when #teamlead found out their charge for week one.

The tenure refers to a prevalence of immature white group that can emanate an sourroundings that is unwelcoming to women and has been cited as one of a reasons that women dump out of a attention during twice a rate of men.

Lea described it as like “1000 small cuts” – trimming from inapt comments to unsuited interviews to feeling outnumbered in meetings.

A obvious Silicon Valley observant is “move quick and mangle things”, though a women we met pronounced too many people are also removing damaged in a process.

3) Take adult a space we deserve

In what is infrequently a poisonous sourroundings for women, it’s useful to keep adding collection to your presence toolkit.

Image caption

Body denunciation consultant Amy Cuddy (left) with Erin

Amy Cuddy is a physique denunciation consultant and many people (including me) have taken her recommendation on how your physique can change how we feel. She flew in to give recommendation to Erin, who finds it tough to pronounce adult in meetings.

She told Erin to “take a space we deserve”. Don’t fall into yourself when we find a going a small tough in meetings, interviews or other severe situations.

Keep that palm divided from your neck, your hair. Shoulders behind and hands on a table. All these actions emanate a neurological response that helps us perform during a best.

She is also now exploring a judgment of ‘presence’ – of remaining your loyal self and totally within a impulse rather than worrying about a destiny or a past.

4) The potion roof is titanium for some

Many of a women we spoke to forked out that it is not a turn personification margin even among women themselves – your chances of success in a tech attention collapse a serve we are outward a norm.

So if we are a black or Latina lady in tech we have an even steeper towering to climb.

Media caption100 Women: What does sexism sound like?

At a World Service radio brainstorm on a topic, one of a panellists, Shellye Archambeau, forked out that black women done adult only 0.1% of CEOS in a Valley.

As The Guardian recently reported, appearance in a tech attention by Latino and black attention professionals is indeed on a decline – and nonetheless Asians are still being hired they are reduction expected than their white counterparts to make it adult a ladder.

Experts contend partial of a problem is that managers tend to sinecure in their possess image, or during slightest an picture that they associate with success.

In a run-up to a Challenge Week we listened from Eileen Carey, CEO of start-up Glassbreakers, who as a healthy blonde was suggested to color her hair brownish-red for this reason.

5) Be a change we wish to see

It competence sound like I’m down on Silicon Valley. I’m not. It’s an unusual place, filled with fabulously resourceful people formulating things we don’t even know we need nonetheless that will turn essential to a lives.

Media captionAre women attack a potion ceiling, or are they also climbing a damaged ladder?

I desired regulating an adult-sized slip each morning in a workplace and we desired people bringing their dogs to work. we had entrance to a 3D printer for whatever invention we competence prognosticate that day though there is also a farrago emanate in a boardrooms of this attention that needs to be solved.

So what did a geeks make? They steady a mantra “be a change we wish to see”. And after 5 days and really small sleep, they delivered:

  • An app that monitors debate in meetings
  • An superb china necklace that is indeed wearable tech – and allows we to send certain messages to your womanlike colleagues during meetings
  • A outrageous A-Frame designation that compulsory me to dress as Rosie a Riveter

We gathering it in a pick-up lorry by downtown Palo Alto in rush hour to exam on a public.

Image caption

The women’s A-Frame designation was tested on a Palo Alto public

It collected stories of sexism from around a universe and retold them in both a lady and a man’s voice to lift recognition and incite discussion.

In an area like Silicon Valley with so many outrageous smarts centred in one place – including those of a experts – and a good ardour to interrupt a stream standing quo, it feels like there contingency be genuine change on a horizon.

What is 100 Women?

BBC 100 Women names 100 successful and inspirational women around a universe each year. In 2017, we’re severe them to tackle 4 of a biggest problems confronting women currently – a potion ceiling, womanlike illiteracy, nuisance in open spaces and sexism in sport.

With your help, they’ll be entrance adult with real-life solutions and we wish we to get concerned with your ideas. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #100Women

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