10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kayla Ewell

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Hollywood is full of names and faces, and as a fan, intermittently it can be tough to keep up. But while any star can’t be a dwelling name, fans unquestionably praise those who are consistently putting out their best work and popping adult all over a place. 30-year-old Kayla Ewell is unquestionably one of those people. With some-more than a decade of believe underneath her belt, Ewell has built adult a graceful substantial resume that has certified her to land some good roles, and work with some of a biggest names in a industry. In fact, we competence have seen her in some of your favorite shows of films, and wondered what this bright-eyed beauty was all about. Well, amazement no more; here re 10 things we didn’t know about Kayla Ewell.

She’s was on The Vampire Diaries

In a initial mellow of a renouned series, The Vampire Diaries, Ewell seemed as Vicki Donovan – one of a show’s initial main characters. Vicki was a stereotypical nervous high disseminate lady who was renouned yet troubled, and had rather of a bad reputation. Although Vicki’s life on a expose didn’t final past a initial season, she did relapse for a few appearances during other seasons. Either way; however, Vicki Donovan will go down in Vampire Diaries story as a initial tellurian in Mystic Falls to be incited into a vampire.

She’s been arrested

Back in 2009, Kayla Ewell found herself in a tiny bit of problem with a law when she was arrested for slowing in Georgia. Apparently, Ewell and some of her Vampire Diaries ban friends were out sensory photos for a expose when they were arrested for ‘flashing’ passers-by. The charges were after dropped, and Ewell conspicuous a conditions was unquestionably blown out of proportion.

She’s worked with some former Disney stars

Throughout her career, Ewell has seemed in a good volume of on-screen roles, and along a proceed she’s gotten a probability to work with some enchanting people, including a confederate of Disney’s many apparent former stars. In 2006, Ewell seemed in a film Just My Luck, which starred Lindsay Lohan. In 2006, Ewell also seemed in a film Material Girls which starred former Lizzie McGuire star, Hilary Duff who is one of a customarily Disney stars in new story to not go off a low end.

She’s been in strain videos

These days it’s not startling for stars to have their hands in several pots. Kayla Ewell competence not seem like a customary ‘video’ girl, yet she does have some believe with appearing in strain videos. In 2008, she was featured in a strain video for Hinder’s, “Without You,” and in 2010 she also seemed in a video for Sick Puppies’ “Maybe.”

She’s been in Maxim

In 2009, while still sailing on a approval from her purpose on The Vampire Diaries, Ewell quiescent to expose a tiny skin for a renouned men’s magazine, Maxim.  Appearing in a array of pleasing photos, Ewell unquestionably current that she’s got some vicious sex appeal, and she knows how to use it.

She finished her initial on-screen entrance in 2000

Although she competence not be a dwelling name, Kayla Ewell has been user consistently around her career. After being rescued while still holding working classes behind in 1999 when she was still usually a teen, she finished her initial on-screen entrance in 2000 in a expose Profiler and followed that with 3 appearances in Freaks and Geeks. Over a years, Ewell has seemed in several films and TV shows and has shown that she’s means of holding on several roles.

She common an section with Nina Dobrev

Sometimes we usually click with people, and that’s accurately what happened to former co-stars, Kayla Ewell and Nina Dobrev. The two, who once worked together on The Vampire Diaries, made a faithfulness that eventually led to them empathize an section in Georgia. While some people contend it’s never a good suspicion to live with a friend, and many leader friendships have left down towering after people have quiescent to be roommate, Ewell and Dobrev don’t seem to have vexed plant to that, and a twin tarry friends today.

She once superannuated Kellan Lutz

In 2006, Kayla Ewell began dating Kellan Lutz who we competence know from his purpose in The Twilight film array in that he portrayed Emmett Cullen. Apparently, these twin on-screen vampires also found something in common in genuine life. Unfortunately, a confederate called it quits in 2008, yet they tarry on good terms. According to Ewell, “We’re unquestionably good friends still. It’s so many fun for us, now, to see any other user and still be any other’s support system. He’s amazing.”

She loves outward activities

Kayla Ewell competence be all about a lights, cameras, and action, yet that doesn’t meant that she enjoys being glamorous 24/7. In fact, Ewell enjoys some of a easier things in life and during an interview, Ewell cited that some of her favorite activities consolidate white H2O rafting, mill climbing, and repelling. In high school, she was even a member of her school’s surfing team.

She usually got married!

Last, yet definitely not least, Ewell is particularly a newlywed. On Sep 12, Ewell and her enlarged time boyfriend, Tanner Novlan, tied a mixed in a sermon in Los Angeles. The couple’s sermon enclosed 200 guest including Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola.  Ewell and Novlan indeed met behind in 2010 when they both seemed in a Sick Puppies’ strain video.

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