10 Former Celebrity Couples Co-Parenting In Peace

Although their angel story intrigue came to an end, there are many famous exes in Hollywood gripping a assent for their kids. From Fergie and Josh Duhamel, to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, let’s take a demeanour during a friendliest exes in Tinseltown who contend a joined front for their children.

Fergie Josh Duhamel:

Grammy Award-winning singer Fergie recently dished on co-parenting her 4-year-old son Axl with disloyal husband, Safe Haven star Josh Duhamel.

Fergie Josh Duhamel
Fergie Josh Duhamel with Axl. Photo Credit: Instagram

“I’m good, as good as we can be with a separation. The good thing is we don’t remove any other as parents,” the You Already Know hitmaker, 42, pronounced of their split.

She went on to speak about gripping a clarity of normalcy for their preschooler.

“All of a cousins are still cousins. Everything fundamentally is staying a same, solely we’re not a regretful integrate anymore,” she continued. “I adore Josh. We’re creation it work. We’re both operative full time right now.”

It sounds like a former integrate are putting on a joined front for their son.

“We are usually creation it happen,” she shared. “We’ve got Axl and we’re usually operative parents.”

The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman and the Transformers star, 44, began dating in 2004 before perplexing a tangle in 2009. In September, a A-listers announced the finish of their 8-year marriage.

“With comprehensive adore and honour we motionless to apart as a integrate progressing this year,” said the integrate in a corner statement. “To give a family a best event to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before pity it with a public. We are and will always be joined in a support of any other and a family.”

In an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, a singular mom discusses their arriving divorce.

Through tears, the Big Girls Don’t Cry hitmaker explained that she “loves Josh” and it’s all about lifting their son together.

“We perpetually have that devise together,” she pronounced of co-parenting in peace. “And we’re doing a best we can.”

She went on to acknowledge her beating over a split.

“It wasn’t my plan. we wanted to stay married forever,” Fergie admitted.

In September, she non-stop adult to Entertainment Tonight about their gentle mangle up.

“We’re good friends, Josh and I, there’s so many adore that we have for any other,” she shared. “We unequivocally like any other, we have fun with any other. We’re usually not a regretful integrate anymore.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin:

Academy Award-winning singer Gwyneth Paltrow and her famous ex-husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, have kept a peace, and their friendship, given finale their 13-year marriage.

The Emma actress, 45, and a Something Just Like This hitmaker, 40, have remained gentle given “conscious uncoupling” in Mar 2014. They finalized their divorce in Apr 2015, and continue to peacefully co-parent their dual children — daughter Apple, 13, and son Moses, 11.

Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin
Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin with Apple Moses. Photo Credit: Instagram

“It is with hearts full of unhappiness that we have motionless to separate,” Gwyneth and Martin announced during a time of their apart in 2014, underneath a pretension “Conscious Uncoupling.”

“We have been operative tough for good over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what competence have been probable between us, and we have come to a finish that while we adore any other unequivocally many we will sojourn separate,” a matter continued.

According to a authorised request filed by Paltrow, both parties have dispossessed their rights to wedding support.

In Dec. 2016, a Sliding Doors singer dished on their joined front.

“He’s during my residence any singular day,” Paltrow said. “We have a possess lives yet we still have a family life. To this day, Chris would take a bullet for me, even yet I’m not his wife. we overtly consider Chris and we have contributed something certain to a enlightenment of divorce.”

Then in Jun 2017, a Iron Man star pronounced that divorce doesn’t have to be a disastrous thing.

“I wanted to spin my divorce into a positive,” Paltrow said. “What if we didn’t censure a other chairman for anything, and hold myself 100% accountable? What if we checked my possess s–- during a doorway and put my children first? And reminded myself about a things about my ex-husband that we love, and fostered a friendship? What we put myself by to get there was a many formidable thing I’ve ever finished in my life.”

And she addressed their barbarous word “consciously uncoupling.”

“People are entrance around,” she laughed. “I know it’s a dorky term, yet it’s unequivocally worthwhile. I’m always a chairman who gets s–t during first, yet afterwards after people say, ‘Hey, maybe that’s a good idea.’ we don’t mind.”

Jennie Garth Peter Facinelli:

Twilight star Peter Facinelli is on unequivocally accessible terms with his ex-wife, Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jennie Garth, as they co-parent their 3 daughters — Luca, 20, Lola, 14, and Fiona, 11.

In Mar 2012, a Nurse Jackie star, 43, and a What we Like About You actress, 45, announced their skeleton for divorce after 12 years of marriage.

“While we have motionless to finish a marriage, we both share a same low adore and friendship to a children,” Facinelli and Garth pronounced in a corner statement. “We sojourn dedicated to lifting a pleasing daughters together. We ask for remoteness and honour during this time.”

Last month, a singular father-of-three opened up about their divorce and joined front.

“Once a mangle adult happens we need to go by a recovering slight first,” Facinelli shared. “Love is blind and hindsight is 20/20. People come into your life for a reason and relations can change and usually given we aren’t vital together, doesn’t meant we can’t adore any other. we consider once, there was a time where we had to learn that we had to be means to pierce brazen with adore and respect.”

According to a Twilight star, it’s all about gripping a happy family life.

“As prolonged as mom and father are happy, a kids are happy,” he said. “Anyone going by a dissection should know, kids need to see mom and father happy. As prolonged as they know they͛re happy, they know they will be okay.”

And they’ve had good success unchanging their families with Garth’s father Dave Abrams and Facinelli’s girlfriend Lily Anne Harrison.

Peter Facinelli Jennie Garth
Peter Facinelli Dave Abrams with Fiona. Photo Credit: FameFlynet

“I get a kids one week on and one week off so we share a kids 50/50, yet if they have games and events we are both there,” Facinelli said. “We speak all a time about co-parenting and a kids. we unequivocally like her father and we consider he’s a good guy.”

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick:

In September, former integrate Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick dished on co-parenting their 3 children — sons Mason, 7, and Reign, 2, and 5-year-old daughter Penelope — during the 90-minute 10th anniversary special of Keeping Up With a Kardashians.

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick with Mason Penelope. Photo Credit: FameFlynet

“I theory we’re co-parenting a kids and usually perplexing to get along,” Kardashian, 38, said. “I mean, he’s family. But we mean, we’re unequivocally psychotic. we consider that given we’ve damaged adult a final time, that was roughly dual years ago, we’ve never been behind together, even yet we transport together with a kids.”

Disick, 34, added, “There’s 0 connection, she done that unequivocally transparent usually now. we usually wish everybody to know we are just co-parenting. No, yet she’s like a usually chairman I’ve ever desired in my life, so we consider she’s lovable and stuff. I try to f— her once a week.”

In April, a on-again-off-again integrate – who were never married – went on a family vacation in Hawaii.

“MOM and DAD behind during it again with a coparenting skills,” a existence star Instagrammed the selfie.


MOM and DAD behind during it again with a coparenting skills.

A post common by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Apr 7, 2017 during 3:43pm PDT

Earlier this year during an part of KUWTK, Disick certified his adore for a mom of his children.

“I will never be over her. She’s a adore of my life,” he pronounced of Kardashian, adding, “I usually wish that one day she understands that we would never wish to be with anybody yet her.”

That said, the mom-of-three is gripping it real.

“I’ve told him, I’m vital my life and you’re operative on you,” Kardashian said. “You’ve never been better, yet you’re so inconsistent. we need to see if we can be consistent.”

Sienna Miller Tom Sturridge:

In April, American Sniper star Sienna Miller opened adult about co-parenting her 5-year-old daughter Marlowe with ex-fiancé Tom Sturridge.

As it turns out, a before intent integrate are “best friends” for a consequence of their flourishing girl.

“We still adore any other,” Miller said of Sturridge. “I consider in a break-up somebody has to be a small bit vicious in sequence for it to be traditional, yet it’s not been hostile in a approach where we would select to not be around that person.”

Sienna Miller Tom Sturridge
Sienna Miller Tom Sturridge with Marlowe. Photo Credit: FameFlynet

The accessible exes go on holidays together and even stay over during any others’ homes.

“We don’t live together, as has been reported recently, yet we do half a time,” she shared. “Everybody will stay over or we’ll all go on holiday and that’s given we honestly wish to be around any other. It’s good for a daughter that she has dual relatives who adore any other and are friends. He’s unequivocally my best crony in a whole world.”

Ans given they live within a few blocks from any other, a former integrate shares a bedtime slight any night.

“We do bedtime any day,” Miller shared. “We felt like as many togetherness as probable would be ideal, and opportunely we unequivocally adore any other and are best friends, and so that works. It’s not that it’s not complicated, given it is.”

Drew Barrymore Will Kopelman:

In February, E.T. star Drew Barrymore opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about peacefully co-parenting her two daughters — Olive, 5, and Frankie, 3 — with ex-husband Will Kopelman.

“It’s interesting, we saw this essay a other day created about me — and we never see articles created about me — and it was like, ‘My Modern Family.’ And we was like, ‘I like that; that has a good ring to it,’ ” the Blended star, 42, said.

She added: “I so wanted to lift kids in this ultra-traditional approach and do all so a frigid conflicting of my experience.”

The mom-of-two is sure to travel a walk, and speak a speak with her complicated family.

“It unequivocally is about a tinge we set. And we can speak until you’re blue in a face, yet kids watch what we do any singular day of your life, all day long, and that function and that instance and that adore and village and probity is what’s creation all feel protected for my kids,” the Santa Clarita Diet actress shared.

Regardless of their split, it’s all about family for a singular mom.

“That’s unequivocally a goal we had as a primogenitor was, ‘How do my kids have this implausible clarity of leisure inside their heart?’ ” she shared. ” ‘Cause they know I’ve got them and their dad’s got them and Grammy and Poppy — I’m wearing Grammy’s necklace right now — their cousins and [Will’s sister Jill Kargman].”

She added: “I got dual families. we went from like 0 to two, and it’s a spectacle and a blessing. And we do it in a approach that we consider a lot of other people are substantially doing it too. And sometimes, again, a highway is opposite than what we try to make it or what we approaching and we usually figure it out and you figure it out with grace.”

While a singer did not emanate a open proclamation of their split, The Wedding Singer star filed for divorce in Jul 2016 and a divorce was granted on Aug. 3, 2016, after 4 years of marriage.

In Nov. 2016, Barrymore upheld Kopelman during his appearance in a New York City Marathon.

In several Instagram images, a singer shared the hugs, signs and adore that her ex-husband encountered when he crossed a finish line.

“#showingthegirls #tofinsihistowin #proud,” Drew captioned a snapshot. “#Congratulations.”

“#ProudofDad,” she added. “#family #nycmarathon #jobwelldone.”

Drew Barrymore Will Kopelman
Drew Barrymore Will Kopelman with daughters family. Photo Credit: Instagram

Hilary Duff Mike Comrie:

Lizzie McGuire alum Hilary Duff has non-stop adult about co-parenting her 5-year-old son Luca with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

“Mike’s extraordinary … We’re so inbred in any other’s lives,” Duff said progressing this year. “I wouldn’t select anyone else to co-parent with. We are unequivocally good friends and caring a lot about any other.”

Although they apart dual years prior, the Sparks singer and a former hocker star, 37, finalized their divorce on Jan. 28, 2016, after 6 years of marriage.

Reportedly, a exes share corner control of their son, with conjunction celebration receiving wedding support.

Last year, a So Yesterday hitmaker talked about co-parenting in peace.

“We have such a good kid, and we’re both so spooky with him,” Duff shared. “We are good friends and we giggle a lot and we have a good communication. We share cinema when one is not with Luca. Yeah, he’s great. We are good and we keep on trucking.”

The accessible exes are mostly seen vacationing together, personification at a park, out and about in their neighbourhood, and they celebrate their son’s birthday as a family.

Hilary Duff Mike Comrie
Hilary Duff Mike Comrie with Luca. Photo Credit: Instagram

And final Christmas, Comrie acted with a Duff family for their annual holiday card.

“A small holiday spirit,” the Younger star, 30, captioned a picture including her ex-husband and their son.

The family print also includes Hilary’s mother Susan, sister Haylie Duff, her fiancé Matt Rosenberg and their daughter Ryan.

Hilary Duff Mike Comrie co-parenting in assent over a holidays. Photo Credit: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony:

In April, cocktail star Jennifer Lopez opened up about co-parenting her 9-year-old twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“When it comes to work, we never get tired. But with personal failures, we have thought, ‘This is too hard.’ When my matrimony ended, it was not easy to find forgiveness,” J.Lo admitted. “It wasn’t a dream that we had hoped for, and it would have been easier to fan a abandon of resentment, disappointment, and anger. But Marc is a father of my children, and that’s never going away. So, we have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, a hardest work we do.”

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony with a twins. Photo Credit: Instagram

In Jul 2011, a high-profile integrate announced their skeleton for divorce after 7 years of marriage. They both filed divorce papers seeking for corner authorised and earthy control of a twins.

“We have motionless to finish a marriage,” Lopez and Anthony pronounced in a corner statement. “This was a unequivocally formidable decision. We have come to an gentle finish on all matters. It is a unpleasant time for all involved, and we conclude a honour of a remoteness during this time.”

While a apart was a tough decision, a former integrate have kept a joined front for their kids.

“When Marc and we motionless to separate, we thought, ‘I’m not going to let this spin me into someone unhopeful who doesn’t trust [in love] anymore.’” J.Lo said. “I didn’t wish to usually tarry it. we wanted to grow from it. And we did learn a lot.”

“Most importantly, to adore myself first,” she continued. “As women, we don’t consider we do that enough. We always adore somebody else some-more than ourselves.”

Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy Chris Robinson:

Actress Kate Hudson is a busy single mom to sons Ryder, 13, and Bingham, 6.

The Almost Famous actress, 38, have dished on co-parenting Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson and Bing with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy.

“It’s tough to let go of something, even when we know that it’s not right,” Hudson shared. “I’ve selected something in my life that I’m unequivocally gentle with that goes opposite a lot of people’s some-more normal feelings. If something’s not right, we don’t trust in progressing something for a consequence of what’s deliberate a normal family, given we trust that there are opposite ways to lift children. It’s distant some-more effective to lift children in happy homes.”

In February, a Bride Wars singer and a Muse frontman, 39, took their son to see his favorite band.

“Surprised a boys tonight with their favorite rope @twentyonepilots. Thank we guys and a whole TOP family for creation it so special. We had a blast,” the Deepwater Horizon actress, 37, captioned a organisation photo, that enclosed her elder son Ryder.

Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy
Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy attend unison with Bing Ryder. Photo Credit: Instagram

And in Jul 2016, Hudson and Bellamy were photographed outside a London theatre prolongation of Harry Potter and a Cursed Child.

“Happy Bday Bing!!! #harrypotterandthecursedchild @katehudson,” the Uprising hitmaker Instagrammed the image.


Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy
Kate Hudson Matt Bellamy with Bing Ryder. Photo Credit: Instagram

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom:

Although supermodel Miranda Kerr and Pirates of a Caribbean star Orlando Bloom apart in 2013 after 3 years of marriage, a former integrate are a best of friends.

Kerr has talked about peacefully co-parenting their son together.

“It’s unequivocally good that Orlando and we now live so tighten to any other, and it’s a unequivocally good life for Flynn,” she shared.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr Flynn. Photo Credit: Instagram

Their son was unequivocally immature when they motionless to split, that done a former integrate prioritize their family life.

“Flynn was two, so it was unequivocally tough to make a decision, yet a son is a priority so we have to come from love,” Kerr shared. “You have to be kind.” 

And now it’s a “modern family” for Bloom, Kerr and her new husband, Snapchat co-founder and billionaire Evan Spiegel.

“[Orlando and we decided] that we had to know a chairman for 6 months and feel good about them,” Kerr pronounced during a time. “Evan met Flynn, so yeah, things are going well. Orlando thinks he’s great. We’re usually a complicated family now!”